Global Capital Markets Advisors

Manager of Funds Generating Attractive Risk Adjusted Returns from a Diversified Portfolio

Core Investment Objectives

Our fundamental objective is to deploy our client's capital in a portfolio of institutional quality real estate investments in order to achieve a total rate of return comparable to or better than that available from similar investments within the regional marketplace, while also satisfying four core requirements:

  • Enhance value by investing only in projects expected to meet or exceed our target total rate of return criteria.

  • Invest in projects located within the geographic target area of each Fund.

  • Meet or exceed investor’s objectives of job creation and economic impact; and

  • Provide investors with the detailed information and supporting documentation they may require for investment reporting and applicable governmental requirements.

GCMA achieves these goals by seeking to make privately negotiated investments in new projects primarily by investing or otherwise co-venturing with experienced real estate development companies and entrepreneurs.

Investment Strategy

In reviewing investment opportunities, GCMA employs an investment management approach that permits it to focus on maximizing returns while minimizing downside risks. Our investment strategy gives us the flexibility to pursue the most attractive risk-adjusted investment opportunities available and, subject to our core objective of each Fund, to enter and exit the market as economic conditions change.

Key elements of this strategy include (1) constructing an investment portfolio diversified by asset type and risk-return profile; (2) focusing on institutional quality late stage investment opportunities with solid community support and strong market feasibility; (3) pursuing privately negotiated transactions with seasoned development partners having successful track records; (4) assuring the active participation of our Principals in all phases of the investment process; and (5) leveraging our relationships with local governmental officials, community leaders and proven real estate professionals, entrepreneurs and operating companies to achieve our investment goals.