Global Capital Markets Advisors

Manager of Funds Generating Attractive Risk Adjusted Returns from a Diversified Portfolio

Global Capital Markets Advisors, LLC (GCMA) is the manager of diversified real estate investment funds.

Properties in which each fund invests are selected by GCMA with a view toward optimizing its investment objectives. Each property must be developed by experienced professional teams having the skills and resources to successfully conceive, design, finance, build and market institutional quality real estate.  Property types may include, commercial, residential, industrial, hospitality, sports and entertainment facilities, or may be mixed use properties containing some or all of these elements. 

GCMA identifies real estate investment opportunities that meet the fundamental investment criteria of each of its managed funds, including:

·         Preservation of capital

·         Maximizing return on investment

·         Institutional quality real estate in prime market areas

·         Portfolio diversification

·         Other fund specific investor objectives, including job creation and economic benefit (CARc Job Funds). 

GCMA is responsible for all operational matters relating to each fund, including marketing; administration; compliance; reporting; sourcing and selection of property investments; negotiation of all matters relating to each; and oversight of the investment portfolios, including participation in ongoing property development and management. GCMA managed real estate funds generally retain independent fund administrative, tax and auditing professionals, who provide its investors with timely reporting and state of the art technology services.